Intentional Living

Determination and persistence are crucial in our pursuit of purpose, understanding, and meaningful existence. Why is this so? Scholar Carl Haub's groundbreaking research provides an intriguing perspective. According to his findings, over 100 billion people have graced our planet in the past two millennia. However, with the current global population standing at 8 billion in 2023, we can infer that more than 92 billion lives have come to an end. This inescapable cycle of life and death prompts existential questions that can often shape our lives.

Living a life that goes beyond mere existence to embrace a purpose-driven journey requires a measure of resolve and tenacity. Many individuals grapple with existential questions such as, "What do I believe?" and "Where did I come from?" These questions are fundamental to understanding our identity and life's purpose, but finding answers to them can be a challenge.

This is where my book, "The Adam Connection," steps in. It explores the generational connections tracing back to our common ancestors, providing fresh insights into these perennial questions and much more. The book is grounded in the belief that to lead a purposeful life filled with meaning, one must be intentional about their belief in God and their understanding of their origins.

Supported by a wealth of evidence, "The Adam Connection" advocates for the essentiality of conscious belief and understanding of one's lineage for a meaningful existence. The intentionality of belief is stressed upon, where one's faith and understanding of their origins are not passively inherited but actively pursued and affirmed.

I am incredibly grateful to have collaborated with a world-class editorial team and a renowned Christian book publisher in bringing this book to life. I am confident that it will illuminate paths for individuals seeking answers to these profound questions, and inspire them to lead lives of purpose, fortified by determination and persistence. #intentionalliving