Coaching from a master coach

Rob is an experienced entrepreneur, master coach, author, and Ph.D. candidate with global executive leadership experience. He works closely with businesses, executives, and leaders to dynamically empower their performance and impact. As an Ironman, 70-time marathoner, and scholarly researcher, Rob brings diligence, discipline, and dynamic energy to his coaching practice and clients.

Rob is an engaging teacher, trainer, and speaker with an impressive track record and diverse skillset which brings global perspectives and insights from his experiences in entrepreneurship, coaching, endurance sports, and education to provide unique personal and professional growth strategies. Check out Rob's coaching services and connect with him today to learn how he can help you learn, grow, and empower yourself and others.


Resources From a Master Coach

Drawing from his diverse expertise, Rob offers insightful personal and professional development resources. These resources are freely available as concise, downloadable PDFs, each packed with valuable insights and strategies incorporating his perspectives about cutting-edge psychological, individual, and team performance.

Rob's blog, resources, and "School of Empowerment" podcast represent a blend of his unique gifts of leadership, service, and empowerment with a deep understanding of business, executive, and leadership development. Whether you are an executive seeking to enhance your impact, a leader aiming to empower yourself or a team, or an individual striving for personal growth, these resources offer unparalleled guidance. Engage with Rob's materials and embark on a transformative journey toward unlocking your unlimited potential.


Rob Faw

Rob Faw is an entrepreneur, master coach, author, and Ph.D. candidate with global executive leadership experience operating in over fifty countries. He has expertise in consulting, coaching, technology, financial services, construction, real estate, and non-profit.

Rob was formerly a business development director with a Fortune 50 company that transformed global multimedia communications, chief executive for a publicly traded company that remade digital networking technologies, and president and vice chairman of a British software company that managed global broadband communication networks. Rob’s book World’s Best Value is about organizational excellence, and his book The Adam Connection is about 6,000 years of generational history, science, and religion. He is a certified master Christian life coach with the Board of Christian Life Coaching, and a member of the International Christian Coaching Association. Rob is a U.S. Air Force veteran and has lived and worked in Toronto, London, Chicago, and Silicon Valley. He currently resides with his wife in Safety Harbor, Florida.